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Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Money, Early mathematics, Counting, Numbers, Place value, Numbers, Number drills, Problem solving, Mental strategies, Mental computation, Time, Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Angles, Geometry, Location and Transformation, Patterns, Algebra, Mixed number operations, Data, Statistics, Graphs, Chance, Probability, Evaluations, Subitising, Expanded notation, Ordinal numbers, Prime numbers, Unitary method, Square and cube root, Times tables, Factors, Sharing, Split strategies, Teacher’s toolbox (white board and slideshows), Number operations and problem solving, Place value problem solving, Addition problem solving, Subtraction 2 step problem solving, Subtraction problem solving, Multiplication problem solving, Division problem solving, Fraction problem solving, Patterns and Algebra Words problems, Length problem solving, Area problem solving, Mass problem solving, Money problem solving

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Pre-Reading, Reading Skills, Comprehension, Reading for knowledge, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing, Handwriting, Phonics, Sight words, Word families, CVC lists, Digraphs, Blends, Letters, Prefixes, Suffixes, Word families, ESL (English as an additional language), Meaning of words, Word types, Adages, Adjectives, Basic adjectives, Adjectives of Degree, Opinion Adjectives, Factual adjectives, Basic adverbs, Relative adverbs, Modal adverbs, Alphabetical order, Antonyms, Conjunctions, Connectives, Homonyms, Figures of speech, Idioms, Interjections, Metaphors, Nouns, Common nouns, Abstract nouns, Collective, Nouns, Compound words, Proper nouns, Onomatopoeia, Past tense, Basic plurals, Irregular plurals, Prepositions, Pronouns, Relative pronouns, Proverbs, Rhyming words, Similes, Simple compound words, Suffixes, Synonyms, Basic verbs, Action verbs, Tense with verbs, Sensing verbs, Saying verbs, Modal verbs, Relating verbs, Clauses: subject and verb, Clauses with relating verbs

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Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth and space, Your local environment, Respect and care, Biomes (ecosystems), Animal groups, Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores, Mammals, Farming, Humans, Our Health, Animal senses, Amphibians, Camouflage, Adaptation, Habitats, Hibernation, Migration, Life cycles, Food chains and Feeding relationships, Mutualism(symbiosis), Birds, Fish, Insects, Reptiles, Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Crustaceans, Arthropods, Fungi, Micro-organisms, Drugs as medicine (antibiotics), Dinosaurs, Scientific Discoveries (cars, electricity, gravity, cooling..),Material classification, Temperature, Hot and cold, Conservation, Movement, Friction, Sound, Heat, Light, Hearing, Electricity, Energy sources, Machines, Animations and movies, Floating and sinking, Forces, Non contact forces, Magnetic forces, Effect of forces, Acceleration, How planes fly, How fireworks work, Sound, The universe and astronomy, Eclipse, Stars, The sun, Planets, Solar system, Geological events, Earth, Water, Weather, Weather wind and rain, Weather and its effects, Droughts, Rainbows, Air, Day and night, Seasons, Natural geological events and disasters, Shadows

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Language Convention Examples, Reading Examples, Writing Prompt Examples, Test Layout Examples, Number and place value Examples, Fractions and decimals Examples, Money, Adding ones - place value, Recall Single Digit Addition Facts, Add three sets of numbers, Make 10, Recall single digit subtraction, Skip counting 2's, Groups of 2, Recall 2x multiplication facts, Skip counting 5's, Groups of 5, Recall 5x multiplication facts, Skip counting 10's, Groups of 10, Recall 10x multiplication facts, Share between two, Rounding numbers to the nearest multiple of 10, Estimation - two digit addition, Two digit addition. Users choice of strategy, Make 100, Groups of 3, Recall 3x multiplication facts, Share between three, Groups of four, Recall 4x multiplication facts, Share between four, Multiplying by 10 or 100: Activity 1, Addition of large numbers, Subtract from 1000 and 10000, Subtracting large numbers, Groups of six, Recall 6x multiplication facts, Share between six, Groups of seven, Recall 7x multiplication facts, Share between seven, Groups of eight, Recall 8x multiplication facts, Share between eight, Groups of nine, Recall 9x multiplication facts, Share between nine, Recall multiplication facts 1x - 10x, Multiplication facts with a missing number, Multiply multiples of 10 by single digit numbers: Activity 1, Multiplying two digit numbers by a one digit number: Activity 1, Two digit Division problems - no remainders: Activity 1, Identifying factors: Activity 1, Division - multiples of 10 by a single digit number, Division - two digits by one digit with remainders, Multiplying numbers by 100, Multiplying multiples of ten by a single digit number. Preparation for mental strategy in multiplication, Adding multiples. eg: 210 + 25 - preparation for mental strategies in multiplication, Multiplying two digit numbers with a one digit number using written strategies, Recall division facts, Division Multiples of 10 by a single digit number, Division of two digit numbers by a one digit number with remainders, Balancing equations, Multiplying large numbers by two digit numbers using a written strategy, Estimation - division of a large number by a one digit number using multiplication, Division of a large number by a one digit number with remainders using a written, Long division using a written strategy

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Theme Based Learning

Project sheets, Earthquakes, Cyclones, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, The Weather, Thunderstorms, Annelids, Amphibians, Energy, Static Electricity, Electricity, Electric Circuits, Antarctica, Reptiles, Pets, Painting and Drawing, Fish, Birds, Flowers, Bugs, Jumping, A Train Trip, Balloons, Milk, On the Farm, Time, Lunchtime, Night Time, Opposites, Up and Down, Triangles, Shoes, Cows, Cheese, Blue, The Great Barrier Reef, Heavy and Light, Toys, Paper, Kangaroos, Ice Cream, Spiky Things, Frogs, Leaves, Dogs, Tigers, Feet, Ears, Bananas, Cats, Emus, Snails, The Wattle, Reindeer's, Stegosaurus, Kookaburras, Seals, Drums, Koalas, Eels, The Hippopotamus, Sheep, Echidnas, Noses, Clownfish, Penguins, Starfish, Earthworms, Birthday Cakes, Green, Sugar, Flags

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Information & Communication Technology

Social and ethical practices with ICT, Investigating and searching with ICT, Communicate and share with ICT, Managing and operating ICT, History of Computers, A look inside computers, Components in Technology, Networks and Data Storage, The Internet, Technology in the Future, The Impacts of ICT in Society, Applying security practises, Understanding Intellectual property

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Health, Safety & Citizenship

Emergency services, Bullying, Keeping Active, Eating well, Bike Safety, Safety around the Home, Water Safety, Fire Safety, Road Safety, Internet Safety, Beach Safety, Sun Safety, Safe handling of Medicines, ICT safety, Toddler safety

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Language & Culture

French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Flags of the world, World Map, Africa (Continents of the World), Asia (Continents of the World), Europe (Continents of the World), North America (Continents of the World), Oceania and Antarctica (Continents of the World), South America (Continents of the World), Continents Printable Activities…

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Instruments of the orchestra, Learning the recorder, Percussion, Crotchets, Minims, Treble Clef, Semibreves, Quavers, Note Value, Time Signature, Rests, Bass Staff, Ledger Lines, Grand Stave, Learning To Play B, Learning To Play A, Learning To Play G, Learning To Play C, Learning To Play E, Learning To Play F, Songs and reading music, Homemade music

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Painting Online, Drawing Online, Art guides, Impressionism, Fauvism and Expressionism, Early and High Renaissance, Post Impressionism, Romanticism, Baroque, Venetian and Northern Renaissance

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