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Kids love learning with Studyladder

Studyladder’s course materials are designed to give children the support they need to succeed. Our interactive activities and reward programs are fun to use, providing instant feedback to keep children on track with their education.

For Students

Engaging online activities and reward systems developed by highly experienced educators to motivate students and improve results.

"On behalf of my family, we would like to thank you for all your help. It has been a very successful year for my daughter, learning from your great educational programme."

For Parents

Be part of your children's learning with Studyladder. Learn more about the content they are learning at school and watch them grow and develop using Studyladder as part of their education.

"Studyladder is the best tool for teaching times tables to my 9-year-old daughter. I have tried books, tapes, songs, activity books, and charts, but Studyladder has been the only tool that has provided results quickly. A great educational tool that does work!"

For Teachers

Since 2009, Studyladder has been used by thousands of teachers worldwide to complement teaching programs, engage students, and improve learning outcomes.

"This is the most impressive website known to Teacher-Kind!!! It just gets better and better! Thank you for all your hard work to make my life as a teacher easier! The kids love it, too!"

For Schools

Manage teacher accounts and invite new teachers to your school using the Studyladder administration dashboard.

"Our staff rely heavily on your site. I do not believe there is a better site of its kind in the world."

Anywhere, Any Time

Whether it’s at school or home, during the term or catching up during holidays - Studyladder is with you.

Home Plus

Includes Home Tutor and unlimited access

Unlimited access combined with a structured, curriculum-based home tutor style study program to support and encourage home learning.

Home Plus includes, video tutorials, interactive activities and printables - supported by Studyladder’s exciting avatar, certificate, and reward system.

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Activities and Rewards

At Studyladder, we take pride in offering a dynamic online learning experience through a variety of engaging activities spanning multiple subjects. Our platform caters to students from K-6, providing interactive lessons that make education both enjoyable and effective. Covering Mathematics, Science and English, Studyladder's comprehensive curriculum aligns with educational standards to ensure a well-rounded learning journey for every student.

Our unique reward system is designed to recognise and motivate students as they progress through activities and achieve milestones. Virtual rewards such as badges and certificates serve as a testament to their accomplishments, fostering a sense of pride and enthusiasm for continuous learning.

In essence, StudyLadder's commitment to blending engaging activities with meaningful rewards contributes to an empowering educational platform that inspires students to excel in their studies.

Learning Together

Utilising Studyladder both at school and at home brings a host of benefits to students and educators alike.

In a school setting, Studyladder serves as a valuable supplemental tool, offering teachers the flexibility to reinforce classroom lessons with interactive activities that cater to various learning styles. Studyladder facilitates personalised learning, allowing teachers to tailor assignments to individual student needs.

At home, students benefit from the convenience and accessibility of Studyladder's resources, enabling them to reinforce classroom learning, practice skills, and explore new concepts at their own pace.

The seamless integration of StudyLadder between school and home creates a cohesive learning experience that empowers students, reinforces concepts, and ultimately contributes to academic success.

Why parents and teachers love Studyladder:

“Thank you so much for this website & the reports. My daughter loves going on ‘the program’ & she has told me her teacher is very impressed with her improvement. It is quite frankly the best money I have ever spent on my child. I really cannot thank you enough for providing this, it really is brilliant. Thank you from a very very happy parent.”

Vanessa Wills, Parent

“You guys are fantastic. I definitely find myself taking for granted all the awesome online and printable resources available for both individual student and whole class use. Just a quick message to say it is much appreciated, and I'm sure there any lots of different teachers around the country who feel the same.”

Richard Goodson, Teacher