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Helping students succeed since 2009

“At Studyladder, we strive to support educators and parents in creating an engaging learning environment for students both at school and home.”

Encourage a passion for Learning

Inspire and Motivate

Studyladder serves as a powerful source of inspiration and motivation for learners globally. Through our innovative blend of fun and education, our platform engages users with interactive lessons and captivating games, making the learning journey both enjoyable and impactful.

Helping Students Excel

Our interactive lessons and engaging activities cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring that students grasp and retain concepts effectively. With a focus on skill mastery and progress tracking, our platform's adaptive nature allows for targeted practice, reinforcing strengths and addressing weaknesses.


Studyladder empowers individuals to achieve their academic goals, fostering a sense of accomplishment and confidence. This unique approach not only imparts knowledge but also instills a genuine love for learning, creating a positive and motivational environment that propels students toward success.



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Our Story

Studyladder began with two Australian teachers who recognised that computer technology was a highly motivational tool that could be used to enhance learning abilities in their classrooms. Their desire to help children of all abilities succeed by providing affordable, quality educational resources has remained the cornerstone of our company's mission.

Since we began in 2009, Studyladder has grown, building a significant presence in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Great Britain. Students, parents and teachers use Studyladder in over 50 countries worldwide.


We are a team that cares deeply about creating something wonderful. We approach our work with unwavering passion and enthusiasm. We value the success of everyone we work with and we remain committed to providing the best possible support to help ensure that children all over the world love learning and are motivated to reach their full potential.


Our forward-thinking approach not only adapts to evolving educational trends but also sets the stage for the future of digital learning. Studyladder ensures that students have access to a dynamic and evolving educational environment that prepares them for success in the ever-changing learning landscape.


We strive to maintain an authentic, kind, and honest approach in our interactions with our community of educators, parents and students. Studyladder remains true to its educational mission, creating an authentic and reliable space for learners to explore, engage, and excel in their academic journeys.

Why choose Studyladder?

Studyladder offers a sequential learning program that includes videos, interactive activities, worksheets and assessments for reporting to teachers and parents. All are part of a complete learning program while catering for all learning needs from ages 5 to 12, reflecting the content of local curriculums.

Most importantly, children like using Studyladder. They receive instant feedback on what they need to learn, rewards and certificates for achievement, while parents and teachers receive information on progress.

Studyladder gives you everything you need to ensure that your children enjoy learning.

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